Why You Should Choose Collaborative Divorce Over Litigation

Divorce is one of the most painful occurrences in a person's existence whether it was their decision or not. Besides having to deal with the loss and feeling of failure, one has to decide if they want to go to court and fight over property and kids or use gentler and advanced approaches like mediation and collaborative divorce proceedings. Collaborative divorce is much like mediation, but a collaborative family lawyer, financial adviser, and child welfare specialists are hired to help the couple come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose it over litigation.

Privacy During Settlement

No one wants to air their dirty linen in public and embarrass their family which is what litigation does. Collaborative divorce gives a platform where the couple will discuss their differences in private and with respect, so everybody else and especially the kids and relatives are kept out of the mess.

Shorter Process and Less Expensive

The couple and their collaborative specialists can set their own time to meet and deliberate instead of waiting for court dates. This kind of proceedings also require both parties to volunteer all the necessary information so there will be no need for discovery and prepare for trial and that saves time.

Salvaging of Relationships

Unlike litigation where both parties go into combat mode and try to destroy each other in court, collaborative proceedings work on keeping that relationship so you can be friends and co-parents after the divorce. Both parties are forced to work together, and everything has to be agreed before signing so there will be no favors and feeling sour towards each other.

Control over the Process

The biggest disadvantage about litigation is that the judge has the final say regarding your future. With collaborative divorce, the couple gets to decide with the help of the experts how they will separate their belongings and take care of their children and businesses.

Supportive and Positive Results

The team chosen to sit in as the couple makes decisions about the divorce is also there to advise and help both parties. For example, children will be affected by the divorce and instead of taking them through grueling and embarrassing court process; the team will consider them and make the best decisions for them. The child specialist will also offer counsel and recommend services that can help such children to cope with divorce. The financial advisor will also have tips that will assist both parties to manage their finances better, and everyone will leave with something positive from the proceedings.

Getting a good family lawyer to help with the divorce proceedings takes a load off your shoulders because divorce is hard.