Why You Should Consult Your Lawyer About Occupational Diseases

Some workers often fail to receive the compensation that they deserve after developing an occupational disease due to several factors. This article discusses how a compensation lawyer can help you to increase the odds of a successful claim after you get a disease related to your work.

Statute of Limitations Issues

Different jurisdictions set a time limit within which various cases can be filed in court. The challenge with such a limitation is that some occupational diseases may not become evident until years after someone acquires them. It is therefore advisable for you to see a compensation lawyer as soon as you experience any unusual health issues. The lawyer will use their experience to decide whether you need to file a claim for compensation as you receive treatment. They may also find a legal way to negotiate some compensation for you before the statute of limitations takes effect in your case.

Issues With Diseases Connected to Non-Occupational Matters

It can also be challenging for you to get adequate compensation for an occupational disease in case the disease can be acquired outside your work. For example, some occupations exert so much stress on workers that they could develop high blood pressure. However, high blood pressure can also be acquired due to circumstances that are unrelated to your work, such as marital problems or genetic factors. It can, therefore, be challenging for you to get workers' compensation unless you engage an experienced compensation attorney to handle your case.

Conflicting Medical Reports

It is possible for an insurance company to dispute the medical report tendered by your doctor and they request for an independent medical examination to establish your condition after you develop an occupational disease. Your case can drag on for long in case the medical examiner selected by the insurance company writes a report that differs significantly from what your doctor revealed. A compensation lawyer can investigate that discrepancy and find a way to convince a judge that you deserve to be compensated even if two different medical practitioners haven't agreed in their assessment of your condition.

It is essential that you involve a compensation lawyer as soon as you suspect that your health is being affected by your work. The lawyer will guide you on what you should do at each step of the claims process so that nothing stands in the way of a successful claim application. They can even recommend experts to testify in your case.