3 Top Facts about Visitor Visa Application

If you are planning to travel to Australia, arguably one of the best destinations in the southern hemisphere, then it doesn't matter whether you are visiting for a couple of hours or you are going to be there for 12 months: you need a visitor visa. Therefore, it is critical to understand some facts about the visitor visa application process. This knowledge will help you approach the process with an open mind and also increase the chances of your application success. Read More 

3 Common Family Law Myths You Should Know

Are you starting a family law proceeding soon?  Whether you are going through a divorce, property settlement or parenting, the chances are you're too stressed to talk to people. Unfortunately, there are a number of family law misconceptions that float around that could mislead you regarding the process or what you're entitled to. Since its good arm yourself with facts on family law, below are top myths and the truth behind them. Read More 

Why You Should Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you are over-speeding or you forget to turn on your indicator lights, this could be a serious traffic offence, and it could get you into serious trouble. Driving under the influence of alcohol is another traffic offence that is not taken lightly because this could lead to accidents. When you face these traffic offences, it is recommended that you hire a traffic ticket lawyer. This lawyer can help you if you decide to contest your ticket in court. Read More 

Strategies for Selecting the Best Mortgage Lender Available

When preparing to conveyance a home, many people often need financing options in order to raise the required capital for the purchase. Mortgages are offered by a wide variety of lenders, ranging from banks to specialty financing groups. Not all lenders are the same, and selecting the wrong one can cause you to obtain a mortgage that doesn't fit with your current financial situation. There are many different factors that constitute a good mortgage offering, including the down payment amount, interest rates and duration of payment. Read More 

Buying a Property? How to Make Sure You Know Who You Are Dealing With

Buying a home can be a complex process. Several advisers will work on both sides, and each individual will need time to complete their work before the important closing session can go ahead. While this complex storyline has been playing itself out for generations across Australia, technology has caught up. These days it's possible to 'go digital' and deal with the process of closing online. Yet digital transactions can sometimes be fraught with danger, and the risk of fraud is real. Read More