Can I sell my story of being involved in a crime?

With the uptick in interest in true crime over the last few years, many people who have been involved in a crime are wondering if they can get some compensation for their story. However, there is a lot of confusion under which circumstances you can do this.  Did you commit a crime? The Federal law that prohibits profiting from a crime restricts you from profiting from a crime that you have committed under state or Federal law. Read More 

Formalising temporary child custody

In some situations, you may need a friend or family member to take on temporary guardianship of your child, such as when you are undergoing long medical treatment or need to go to jail. It can be a good idea to formalise your custody arrangements in order to ensure that your child is safe and that their guardian can make appropriate medical and practical decisions for your child.  Here are the steps to take. Read More 

Why a Self-Published Writer Should Consider a Commercial Lawyer

As a self-published writer, you already skip several steps that traditional publishing may require. For example, instead of being given an editor by the publishing company, you may have hand picked your editor or editors depending on the scope of your project. You may have hired your own book cover designer, set your own release dates, purchased your own ISBN numbers and prepared your own launch. All of these things can be time consuming, but most of all they can be very legally confusing if you aren't sure what you are doing. Read More