3 Shortcomings of DIY Wills

Some people may decide to download and fill out DIY wills to avoid having to pay for the services of an experienced wills and estates lawyer. However, using the DIY option often comes with several challenges that may end up invalidating your estate plan. Below are some shortcomings that you should think about before you decide to use generic wills. Legal effect issues The internet has numerous websites that offer generic wills for individuals who do not want to hire lawyers. Read More 

Why You Should Choose Collaborative Divorce Over Litigation

Divorce is one of the most painful occurrences in a person's existence whether it was their decision or not. Besides having to deal with the loss and feeling of failure, one has to decide if they want to go to court and fight over property and kids or use gentler and advanced approaches like mediation and collaborative divorce proceedings. Collaborative divorce is much like mediation, but a collaborative family lawyer, financial adviser, and child welfare specialists are hired to help the couple come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Read More 

How to manage an ex-partners mental illness

Following divorce the family law system focuses on ensuring the safety of the children involves. It can be scary for some parents to know that their ex-partner will have solo custody of their child, particularly if they have had issues with their mental health in the past. However given the tragic consequences when this is not adequately considered as shown in recent news stories.  Here are some tips on how to manage a divorce and child custody where you have concerns about your ex-partners mental health. Read More 

What Can You Do If Somebody Intentionally Hurts Your Pet?

Australia is a nation of pet lovers. For most people who own a dog or a cat, their four-legged friend is a very important member of the family. After all, many people tend to live alone and have no offspring and as such view their furry companion as if they were a child. It's little wonder that emotions can run high whenever a pet is intentionally hurt by somebody else, or may be stolen. Read More 

What of the future?

Planning ahead is a very prudent thing to do. As soon as you start making your own living and accumulating property courtesy of your hard work or inheritance, it is important to create a plan on how that property will be run or shared if something was to happen to you. This calls for meticulous estate planning. It is a challenging process and you need to work with a wills and estates lawyer on the following details. Read More