What Can You Do If Somebody Intentionally Hurts Your Pet?

Australia is a nation of pet lovers. For most people who own a dog or a cat, their four-legged friend is a very important member of the family. After all, many people tend to live alone and have no offspring and as such view their furry companion as if they were a child. It's little wonder that emotions can run high whenever a pet is intentionally hurt by somebody else, or may be stolen. Read More 

What of the future?

Planning ahead is a very prudent thing to do. As soon as you start making your own living and accumulating property courtesy of your hard work or inheritance, it is important to create a plan on how that property will be run or shared if something was to happen to you. This calls for meticulous estate planning. It is a challenging process and you need to work with a wills and estates lawyer on the following details. Read More 

Becoming a Police Informant: How a Law Firm can Help

It is relatively common for law-enforcement agencies in Australia to use informants to secure the conviction of those who are engaged in serious crimes such as drug trafficking and illegal weapons trading. If you have been approached by the police and asked to act an informant, it is important that you consult a lawyer before you agree to act a source, give statements or sign any documents. Below is a guide which will help you to understand the possible implications of becoming an informant. Read More 

Why Bankruptcy Is More of a Journey Than an Event

If you've been plagued with some financial problems in recent times and just can't see a way out, you may be considering a declaration of bankruptcy. Yet you may be concerned with your ability to live your life normally if you do this. Many people in your situation worry about the chances of leasing a car, or getting any credit card solutions. What do you need to consider, before you proceed? Read More 

Do you need a protective order?

Every year, domestic violence victims sustain serious injuries, and some are even murdered. To prevent such occurrences, domestic violence victims can protect themselves by filing for a protective order with the help of a family lawyer. Basically, a protective order instructs a particular individual not to harm another person, or else they may face serious legal consequences. Read on for more insight.  What protective orders protect against  As earlier mentioned, protective orders apply often in cases involving domestic assault. Read More